A Not-for-profit program for students, scouts, campers, homeshcoolers , etc. to exhibit and participate competitively to recognize ingenuity and an interest in science and engineering (STEM).
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Marble Track Championships

The Marble Track Championships are contests designed to challenge School-age Students, Scouts, Campers, Homeschoolers ,VBS Day-campers, etc. to tap their ingenuity; building a working Marble Track based on the Kit of Parts including in the contest registration packet. Teams submit pictures and video of their Masterpiece online or via e-mail. Finalists are selected based on based on creativity, complexity and WOW affect, and invited to demonstrate their Marble Track at a public exhibit. Prizes are awarded to the winner.

The genius behind the DIY Marble Track is students can build a track, using off-the-shelf hardware-store supplies-wire, tubing, dowel rods etc. The track can be as complex and as large as their imagination. The unique track spacers can be laser-cut at the Johnson County Kansas Central Library Black & Veatch Makerspace. 

Marble Track Championships offer a competitive venue for young people to tap into their God-given likeness to be Makers. Building a marble track is ideal for inspiring youth to pursue a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) career.

A script for teachable moments regarding the Laws of Motion is included in the Kit of Parts.

To purchase the DIY Marble Track Run Kit or the book, Make It All About Marbles with your credit card click on this secure link:

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Marble Track Kits are a great way for middle-school, high school and college age students, scouts, campers, homeshcoolers to start building marble runs.

Everything you need to make 100's of marble run designs.

A year in the making. Open ended; the sky's the limit!

Once you've mastered track building, you can buy everything you need, with the exception of the laser-cut Track Spacer, at your local hardware store.

10-Pack Track Spacers are only $10.00. Click to order.
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